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We take pride in producing the finest Appalachian Hardwood lumber available.  We are fortunate to live and work in one of the premier hardwood producing regions in the world.  East Central West Virginia produces a great variety of hardwood species with great clarity, consistency, color, and growth.  Our Appalachian Hardwoods page will give more information on the species we cut.

We can cut lumber to your exact specifications, with thicknesses as small a 1/2 inch and lengths up to 20 feet.  J C Lumber Company can also cut metric thicknesses for our export customers.  We are knowledgeable and capable in preparing lumber for export shipment and will arrange kiln drying to meet our clients' demands.  

Our lumber is grade sorted, allowing our customers to select exactly what they need.  If you are looking for 1F & Better Red Oak for molding or low grade mixed hardwoods (lumber and cants) for pallet manufacturing, give us a call and we'll talk grade, pricing, volume, and shipping arrangements.  

Do you live in our area, and would like to source lumber or timbers locally for a building project?  Let us know, we have cut everything from timbers for timber-frame homes to fence boards for animal pastures.  Our facility and management allow J C Lumber Company to remain flexible for smaller custom cutting while maintaining the capacity to complete orders in a timely fashion.

Contact Us for great lumber from the Mountain State.