Have Timber Resources?
Are you a landowner, forester, or contractor in our local area (Randolph, Upsher, Barbour, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Harrison, Webster, Grant, Preston, and Pendleton Counties)?  

Have Logs and looking to sell them?  We can take them delivered to the mill or arrange to pick them up.

Contact Us for current prices.
Are you a local landowner or forester and interested in marketing your standing Timber?

There are many options on how we can buy your timber.  Whether you would prefer a lump sum payment, payment by footage harvested, or a long term management contract, we can offer terms that work for you.

Contact Us and we will take a look and see what we can offer. 
Have timber Land and interest in selling?  
We would like to take a look.

The forests are our livelihood, and we manage timberland for optimal harvest with minimal impact on the forest.

Contact Us, we would love to take a look.