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  • 1945 The company is formed by partners Joseph Kwasniewski, Chester Kwasniewski, Henry Kwasniewski, and Raymond Zukowski in West Leyden, New York. The partners used $800 in mustering-out pay from services in WWII to buy a used D-4 Caterpillar tractor for use in logging operations.
  • 1950 Various logging camps were established in the Adirondack Mountains and were operated until 1960.
  • 1953 A softwood sawmill was built in West Leyden, New York to saw primarily White Pine logs. Hardwood logs were cut and delivered to various hardwood sawmills and veneer mills. Spruce timber was delivered to Gould Paper Co. in Lyons Falls, New York.
  • 1958 A planing mill was built at the sawmill location in West Leyden.
  • 1959 Chester Kwasniewski sells his interest in the company to the other 3 partners in order to pursue other business ventures.
  • 1961 A large automatic circle mill is built in Swancott’s Mills, New York in order to harvest hardwood timber on a 67,000 acre tract of Gould Paper Company lands on the Tug Hill Plateau, as well as from other landowners.
  • 1969 Raymond Zukowski sells his interest in the Company to the two remaining partners.
  • 1969 In November, fire completely destroys the sawmill.
  • 1970-75 With added capacity and the addition of a second shift in the summer months, the Company becomes the 3rd largest lumber producer in New York State.
  • 1977 Joseph and Henry Kwasniewski dissolve their partnership. Henry Kwasniewski d/b/a Tug Hill Lumber rebuilds on Swancott’s Mills site. Joseph Kwasniewski purchases the Maynard Sloan sawmill in Cassity, West Virginia in April. His eldest son, Herbert Kwasniewski, moves to Cassity in late May to manage the West Virginia operation.
  • 1985 On July 6, Joseph Kwasniewski dies suddenly.
  • 1987 On January 6, fire completely destroys the sawmill. Production resumes three months later.
  • 1988 Herbert and Pamela Kwasniewski agree to purchase the family business from Eunice Kwasniewski in January.
  • 1990 On January 16, J. C. Lumber Company is incorporated with Herbert A. Kwasniewski as President and Pamela S. Kwasniewski as Secretary/Treasurer.